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callaway epic max 3 wood adjustment guide

Help Center Guides & Reviews Value Guide. Are they right? 1999 - 2023 Golfbidder UK. Fit the Callaway wrench into the screw located at the back of the clubhead of the driver. Sorry, this free shipping offer is not valid in conjunction with GMC promo coupons or any type of Shopping Spree gift cards. The adjustments can even be made on the golf course. The stock graphite shafts are theProject X CYPHER 50 andProject X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 (60/70). Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf. I do think its definitely worth upgrading if you can handle the cost. With a gold medal on the Golf Digest 2021 Hot List, the Callaway Epic MAX fairway wood has been received very well by both critics and consumers. All three variants come with OptiFit hosels that encompass two cogs that offer eight loft and lie combinations. *No coupon code required. Epic MAX Star Fairway Woods incorporate proven Callaway ball-speed-enhancing technologies, including Jailbreak A.I. The stiff flex is one option that is available and it is typically for players who have a lot of experience and who are looking for a club that will provide them with more control over their shots. You'll notice the top and bottom cogs can turn independently of each other and indicate some of the different loft and lie options you can choose. To determine the Callaway Golf authorized retailer, distributor or subsidiary nearest What does the D setting do on Callaway driver. rights; a consumer may have other rights depending upon where he or she lives. and New Zealand on or after that date, see the Its basically the same as the mens Epic MAX, but the stock shaft, grip, swing weights, length, etc. Getting these settings dialed in for your personal swing will greatly improve the effectiveness of your hits and improve your swing accuracy. . Sorry, this free shipping offer is not valid in conjunction with GMC promo coupons or any type of Shopping Spree gift cards. Turning a screw anti-clockwise loosens it, while turning it clockwise tightens it. The weight in the track is 17-grams in the EPIC Max and 13-grams in the EPCI Max LS. Shop Used Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods up to 70% off - or start selling in seconds. Lock it in, wait for the click, and away you go. If you are not satisfied, you can return your product for a refund. The hosel can be adjusted to alter the loft and lie of your swing, and the weight moves the center of gravity to adjust draw and fade. Simply loosen the screw on the weight to allow it to move on the rain, and slide to any point along the rail, according to your individual requirements. C $135.64. This screw is present on the rear of the clubhead. Hilarity ensued, How a small driver tweak helped Scottie Scheffler add 10 yards | Wall-to-Wall Equipment, 5 drivers built to handle low heel misses, according to our robot | ClubTest 2023, 5 drivers designed for high toe misses, according to our robot | ClubTest 2023. Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood. You will find this at the bottom of the club head. In both cases I struggled, which provided an excellent showcase for just how forgiving these clubs can be. Naturally, the Epic MAX fairway wood shares the core A.I. I tested one to see which FW golfers should consider putting in the bag. Next, the Epic MAX contains two adjustable weight ports in the sole containing 2g and 14g weights. Just like the Epic drivers this year, wed say many golfers will prefer the head shape of the lower MOI Speed fairway over the Max. For all returns, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is required. The Epic MAX provides golfers with more control from adjustable perimeter weighting. This Again Rick used the 3-wood with an average swing speed of 95 mph. This warranty does not cover paint Join & start earning points. Also available is the womens Epic MAX fairway wood in15,18,20,21, 23 and 25lofts. The center of gravity is a vital aspect of every gold club, and these adjustments should only be made carefully and in small increments at a time. Theres a lot of debate out there about what loft is best for a driver, but ultimately it comes down to clubhead speed. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a543c55b5b85ec3ae3e6baf60c1cfaa3" );document.getElementById("i59f7f13e4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); A relevant ad is run on the sidebar in order to support the upkeep of Golfstead. If product has been used the refund will be in the form of a CallawayGolf.com Gift Card with no expiration date. For warranty information for purchases made in Australia The author(s) and owner of of golfstorageguide.com are NOT trained electricians, mechanics or technicians. 1-877-723-5218 or Everything from the top of the grip to the sole of the head has been improved to eke out every advantage and get you hitting longer and straighter than ever before. Does the Callaway Epic Max 3 wood have a draw bias. The Opti-Fit Hosel and Adjustable weights allow you to get the perfect fit for pure distance or more forgiveness. Rotate the wrench to the left until the screw becomes loose. 1-800-588-9836. The Callaway Epic Max driver set features three drivers encompassing the Callaway Epic Max, the Callaway Epic Speed and the Callaway Epic Max LS. This hybrid is bigger than normal hybrids with its extra-large head. The aim is to show the differences in the performance of the golf shaft. The hosel consists of two cogs - an upper cog and a lower cog - that rotate independently to provide a total of 8 possible loft and lie combinations. Left Handed TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX 15* 3 Wood Stiff Fujikura Ventus Blue FW 6. The Callaway Epic MAX is designed to produce high ball speeds but add extra forgiveness, making a powerful fairway wood that is easy to hit. However, the volume ends up being about the same because of the Epic MAXs shallower face. To obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and your FREE UPS Return Shipping Label, please contact a Sales and Customer Service Representative toll free at 1-877-723-5218 or email us. This affects the accuracy of your hits and can make it more or less difficult to strike the ball accurately. Rotate the top cog and position the preferred loft angle setting in line with the loft setting chosen above. Turn the upper cog and align the above loft setting with the desired lie angle setting marked on the cog. This is designed to make the fairway wood both easy to hit and easy to launch. Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood. Retail Price is $429.99 We will credit the credit card used for the original purchase. The adjustable nature of the Epic Flash means that it can be set up to provide optimum performance for any player, and in the hands of a professional, it can be fitted to improve the game of anyone who uses it. The driver has also helped golfers achieve consistent performance while promoting a slight bias. When it comes to golf clubs, there are different flexes that are available for different players. The Epic Max fairway wood is offered in a wider array of lofts than the Epic Speed. . Callaway Golf may replace the product with a new or refurbished product. years. But, if youre not getting the distance you want, its worth exploring different loft options to see if you can find a better fit for your swing. Number: 1394141; H Bauer Publishing, Company Number: LP003328 Golf Company warrants its golf clubs, components, and other products purchased from an authorized after the date of purchase from an authorized Callaway Golf retailer or distributor. The lower the CG, the easier it is to launch the ball into the air and spin it. Pre-owned. The EPIC Max and Max LS (or Low Spin) drivers feature a sliding weight in a rail that runs from the centre of the sole to the heel. The sharp, attractive aesthetic is basically the same as it is with the Epic Speed, with the one noticeable difference being the addition of a weight port at the back of the sole. Required fields are marked *. accessories. link to Callaway Epic Max Driver (Specs Guide). The Epic Speed driver also comes with its own wrench for the adjustment process. Similarly, lowering their standard lofts produces less spin and lower launches. Very large footprint. Shipping discounts will automatically apply when you reach the $200 threshold and select UPS 2 Business Day shipping. The draw-bias of the club was not overpowering, and I was able to hit a variety of different shots with it. CGPO has a bunch of these fairway woods on offer with a 90-day buy-back policy, 12-month warranty, and free headcover included. purchased. The Callaway Epic Flash driver is among the most versatile drivers around. aHowever, there are so many adjustable parameters, and it can be challenging to adjust them correctly. Custom shafts are available. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to fix your golf cart on your own. Lofts:13.5(3W+) / 15 (3W) / / 18 (HVN) / 21 (7W) /23 (9W)/25 (11W), Stock shaft options:Project X Cypher / Project X Hzrdus Smoke IM10, Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085; Bauer Radio Ltd, Company In California call collect 760-931-1771; outside California call toll free Epic Family Fairway Woods | NEW Jailbreak A.I. the Callaway Golf also disclaims any implied warranty, including the warranty of Have questions on the new Epic Family? Of course, theres more to it than just loft. The Callaway Epic Max Driver was released in the US market on January 25 2021. Callaway Epic Max Driver Adjustment Guide + (Chart) Ernie. The lower cog adjusts the lie settings. They give a full breakdown of the new technology featured in the Speed, MAX, and MAX LS versions of Epic and which may be the right fit for you. and scratches, however, for a fee. Making the adjustments to the driver when using it is the best way to dial in the perfect setting for you and allows the club to be actively fit to your own swing as you go. Still not a member of Callaway Rewards? On the weight front, the Callaway Epic Max driver features an adjustable 16g perimeter weight on its rear. The sound and feel of the club as you move from the sweet spot to mis-hit areas is very consistent, so you dont have to worry about any jarring vibrations. At its option, When the shaft screw is fully open, you can easily remove the head from the shaft. Callaway products are backed for two years. For the player that finds comfort and confidence in a larger club head with maximum forgiveness, the Callaway Epic Max fairway wood is going to be an excellent choice. As Ive said before, I personally prefer woods that sound tighter and more muted at impact, but I dont dislike the sound and feel of the Epic MAX by any means. Callaway engineers used A.I. The shorter the club, the more control you will have. All registered in England and Wales. All three models have the Callaway OptiFit Hosel to adjust loft and lie. The webmaster of golfstorageguide.com and the author(s) is not responsible for any loss in damages, financial loss, personal injury, or death. This is made possible, they say, by a big improvement to the Jailbreak titanium bars that have sat behind the face of every Callaway driver since 2016, connecting the crown to the sole and stiffening the face to improve ball speeds. If you are not satisfied, you can return your product for a refund. Warranty Coverage: Except as otherwise stated on the product or packaging, Callaway In the case of a Callaway Golf component, you must obtain warranty service through an I have been enjoying golf for 15 years and love sharing my tips and knowledge of the game with everyone. Your email address will not be published. Forearm rotation is when your lower body turns away from the target, and this also opens the clubface. To correct this, ensure that the ball is positioned closer to the center of your stance. Secondly, if you have the 14g weight in the back, you should see a marginally higher spin rate and a little less distance on sweet spot strikes compared to the Epic Speed. This is a full review of the Callaway Epic MAX fairway wood. March 28, 2017. . Additionally, the movable weight of the driver helps in offsetting the default bias. The Callaway Epic Max Driver is a respected driver that came out in 2021. Not satisfied? Put the clubhead back over the shaft such that the white line below the standard loft marking aligns with all the earlier markings. However, golf carts Hi there. Callaway Golf does not Epic Speed will change the industry forever with a simple equation that creates a profound impact on club technology and performance. limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above exclusion and limitations may not apply to Get every yard out of your Callaway EPIC Speed or Max driver with Donal's guide on how to adjust it.This guide covers all three models - EPIC Speed, EPIC Max, and EPIC Max LS.Don't forget to subscribe to the Golfbidder YouTube channel to keep up to date with everything we're doing https://www.youtube.com/c/GolfbidderTVAnd join us on our other social media platforms https://www.facebook.com/Golfbidder https://www.twitter.com/Golfbidder https://www.instagram.com/Golfbidder/Buy Golf Clubs:Drivers http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/1/drivers.htmlIrons http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/3/iron_sets.htmlFairway Woods http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/2/fairway.htmlWedges http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/5/wedges.htmlHybrids http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/7/utility_clubs.htmlPutters http://www.golfbidder.co.uk/clubtype/6/putters.html Some jurisdictions do To obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and your The two extremes of the sliding rail are marked with Fade and Draw.. The Epic Max fairway wood announces impact with a loud, high pitched, metallic sound. The superior design and adjustability of this club allows the player to adjust the accuracy, fade, draw, and speed of their swing while also adjusting the behavior of the ball in flight. South Pacific warranty, Shipping discounts will automatically apply. Join Team Callaway to get the latest product news, offers and golf tips! and New Zealand on or after that date, see the merchantability or the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and assumes no responsibility The information on this website has not been verified for accuracy and should only be used for general information purposes only. Reseat the clubhead above the shaft taking care to ensure that the small white dash below the stated loft on the clubhead is in line with the above lie angle setting. For all returns, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is required. Combined with the OptiFit hosel, the Epic MAX provides up to 20 yards of shot shape correction. Epic Max Star fairway woods feature UST ATTAS Speed shafts and Winn Dry-Tac Lite grips. not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, or Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf. If you want to hit the driver a little higher and bring up the spin, you can add 1-degree of loft by lining up +1 with the little hyphen. You Why are golf carts useful? Put the Callaway wrench accompanying the Callaway Epic Max driver into the screw behind the clubhead. Turn the wrench a few times in the counterclockwise direction until you notice that the screw is loose. The S setting is stated loft, which is the default loft setting, which on the Epic Flash is 10.5o. The hosel can be adjusted to alter the loft and lie of your swing, and the weight moves the center of gravity to adjust draw and fade. merchantability or the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and assumes no responsibility Make a secondary check to see if the cogs as well as hosel markings are perfectly aligned. Pull the clubhead upwards with mild force and remove it from the shaft. $299.99. The second step requires opting for the D setting on the upper cog. Callaway Golf retailer or distributor to be free of defects in material and workmanship for two This increases the loft angle of the drivers face, increasing or decreasing how high the ball goes in flight. Insert the wrench into the screw of the clubhead of the driver. How to adjust your Callaway GBB Epic driver. The Callaway Epic Max driver is equipped with an OptiFit hosel that has two rotatable cogs, one on top of the other. Rotate the wrench to the right until you hear a double-click sound. If product is unused, the refund will credit back to your original payment method. The next thing that you need to do is to make sure that the clubface is perpendicular to the ground. The forgiveness will depend on the sole weight positions as well. You can unsubscribe at any time. The Callaway Epic Max driver comes with a 16g perimeter weight that can be adjusted. Making the adjustments to the Epic Flash driver from Callaway is far more simple than many realize. Free Shipping & Free Returns On All Orders! Callaway products are backed for two years. New Zealand on or after January 1, 2011. If youre looking for a new driver and you want to make sure you can hit it straighter, this could be the one for you. When the screw is fully tightened, there will be an audible "CLICK" to let you know the sleeve is safely locked in place and avoid over-tightening. purchased. This ball should be in the front-center of your stance, approximately one to two inches behind where you place your driver. Raise the clubhead from its position and take it off from the shaft of the Epic Max driver. The neutral setting will not change the swing of the club, and leave it as Callaway has calibrated it, and the draw setting will add some left to right motion in your swing to adjust the accuracy of your particular swing. The weight can be placed at any point along the rail. Each of the three drivers can be set for any loft and lie combination. RELATED:Callaway Epic MAX and MAX LS drivers Full Review. The adjustability of the Callaway Epic Flash makes it one of the best drivers available for players of every skill level. How to adjust your Callaway EPIC Speed and Max driver [ALL 2021 MODELS] Golfbidder 23.5K subscribers Subscribe 533 Share 44K views 1 year ago Get every yard out of your Callaway EPIC Speed. component or part thereof that is defective or becomes defective during normal use within two years Golfers have noticed that they can achieve more spin and higher launches when they increase the standard loft of all three Callaway Epic drivers. The Epic Max driver is designed for golfers who want to maximize their distance and adjustability. Players have noticed that opting for the +1 setting promotes a lesser draw than the +2setting. Outside of the United States, all warranty You Why are golf carts useful? When adjusting the Opti-Fit hosel, the Golden Rule is to have these lined up at all times! But, if youre not getting the distance you want with your driver, it might be worth increasing the loft a bit to see if that helps. Still not a member of Callaway Rewards? defects in workmanship caused by third parties. service must be obtained from the distributor or subsidiary in the country in which the club was This means that the club is meant to be used as-is and is not meant to be altered in any way. However, the true greatness of the Epic Flash lies with its adjustability. Overall, I was very impressed with the Epic Max and would recommend it to any player looking for a new driver. Callaway Epic Flash Driver Adjustment Settings, How To Adjust The Callaway Epic Flash Driver, Callaway Epic Flash Driver Adjustment Chart, https://www.callawaygolf.com/optifitinstructions/, Callaway Epic Max Driver Adjustment Guide + (Chart), Callaway Big Bertha (B21) Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART), Callaway XR Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART), Titleist TS3 Driver Adjustment Guide + (CHART), Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Adjustment Guide + (CHART), Helps you work golf ball in both directions. When the head of the club comes off, set it aside, and turn the shaft upside down so that you can see the adjustable cogs and their settings clearly. The steps outlined below guide you on how to go about the adjustment process with the Epic Speed driver: Once making the correct adjustments, many Golfers who have used the Callaway Epic Speed driver have found it to be quite forgiving. The Epic Max did launch higher than the Epic Speed with an average launch angle of 15.2. I am a professional golfer who has recently transitioned into the golf coaching profession. The Callaway Epic Flash driver is one of the best adjustable drivers on the market, and the variable settings can help you improve many aspects of your game instantly. Move the cog to +1 to add a degree of loft, making it 11.5o, or to +2 to change the degree of loft to 12.5o. Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Options. If youre having trouble getting your 3-wood airborne, try teeing the ball up higher. 20K views 2 years ago Callaway Epic Max is changing the way players think about fairway woods with maximum forgiveness and unbeatable speed for all golfers. The Opti-Fit hosel on Callaway drivers allows you to adjust loft and lie. Callaway Golf Europe 2.85K subscribers Subscribe 8.6K views 2 years ago A new era of speed is coming for fairway woods that are easy to launch, and easy to hit. Epic MAX Fairway Woods $136 - $302 12 Month Warranty Free Headcover Included 90 Day Buy-Back Policy Certificate of Authenticity A new era of speed is coming for fairway woods that are easy to launch, and easy to hit. Flash Face technology for fast ball speed and easy launch in an ultra-lightweight configuration. Click or zoom to enlarge. We tried them out with Rick. Twist the wrench in a counter-clockwise direction a couple of times and the screw will become loose. It is for custom fitting use only. The results were pretty interesting and definitely surprised us. Velocity Blades. In some instances, items will ship when they become available, not necessarily when the order is placed. 845898), Primary Navigation - Desktop (Horizontal), Everything you need to know about the Callaway Epic 2021 range, Callaway Epic MAX and MAX LS drivers Full Review. Golf carts come in all shapes and sizes, but most are designed for one common purpose: to get you from Point A to Point B on the golf course. Because the available lofts for the Epic MAX run so deep, you can go from woods straight to the mid irons while skipping hybrids or long irons in your bag. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE EPIC MAX FAIRWAY WOOD, Get the Callaway Epic MAX fairway wood here, Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge Review Forgiveness & Spin, Titleist TSi1 Driver Review Lightweight Performance, TaylorMade 2016 M1 Driver Review Ultimate Adjustability, 8 Best Golf GPS Handhelds 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide, 6 Best Golf Rangefinders Under $200 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide, 7 Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide, 8 Best Golf Simulator Projectors 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide, 12 Best Golf Rangefinders 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide, shallow face helps inspire confidence at address, expensive with limited gain over previous models, Forgiveness is as good as Callaway's recent max GI models, Really steep price tag is almost driver-like. 157 - Epic Drivers Go Head To Head . Go ahead and leave a comment below. Copyright 2013-2023 Plugged In Golf. With a 16g sliding rear weight, golfers have extensive adjustability to promote the ball flight that they want to play. If you are not satisfied with the item you have purchased, you may return it within 30 days of shipment for a full refund of the product price. Golfstead is a participant in several affiliate programs and earns from qualifying purchases through affiliate links, which helps support the upkeep of the site. Choose wisely and youll be sure to enjoy your game more than ever before. Rotate the upper cog to adjust for loft, adding or removing degrees of loft depending on your requirements. Make easy payments over 3,6or12 months. At lower speeds, by switching weight to the rear, an additional 600rpm in backspin and an extra three yards of height, plus a steeper descent angle, would all help keep shots in the air for longer to maximise carry distance. Well cover the basics of club selection and adjustment, so you can make sure your new Callaway Epic Max 3 wood is fitted to your game. The new Epic MAX is a remarkable engineering feat for golfers who want to hit the ball longer and straighter than they ever have before. Callaway Products are Backed for Two Years. Then we tested the Callaway Epic Max fairway wood. Join Today. Callaway Golf Callaway Golf product, return the product to a Callaway Golf authorized retailer or directly to This year there are three New Epic Driver models, all fast, all forgivingso which one really is right for you? You'll notice the rail runs from the centre at the back towards the heel. Lets explore how to adjust the Callaway Epic Flash driver, what the adjustments alter, and how they can be an advantage for you. Compared to the Epic Speed, the Epic MAX fairway wood is more elongated from front to back. Radar Chart Example The Callaway Epic Max Driver is a respected . for any special, incidental, or consequential damages as to all products and components. The fairways feature Jailbreak A.I. Finally, you need to make sure that the clubs weight is evenly distributed. South Pacific warranty. In California call collect 760-931-1771; outside California call toll free 1-800-588-9836. Ask us on Twitter. Use this information at your own risk. With the 14g weight in the back, there will be a healthy amount of stability and forgiveness. Outside of the United States, local taxes, tariffs or shipping charges may apply. If the shaft is too soft, the ball will go too far. This large footprint is paired with a fairly shallow face that sits shut at address. Rotate the lower cog and align the preferred loft marking with the small white-colored dash marking on the hosel. More Buying Choices $277.90 (7 used & new offers) Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Fairway Wood. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and not only will you get the latest reviews, instruction, and more delivered directly to your inbox, youll also be entered into regular giveaways for golf clubs, PGA Tour passes, and more. Callaway There will be a pair of small dashes, one on the head and one on the hosel. To obtain warranty service in the United States on a complete The Callaway Big Bertha Epic driver has an eye-catching triaxial carbon crown and Jailbreak Technology for colossal distance and is one of the best adjustable drivers on the market. My name is Ernie Lo and I'm an avid golf fan! Fly that bunker, drive the green, and beat your best with the new Epic Driver, featuring the A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame Technology. Once you're happy, you can then make further, more subtle changes through hosel adjustment. The Epic MAX is undoubtedly expensive. years. Velocity Blades and A.I. . Mid launch and spin. The S on a golf club stands for stated. Turn the lower cog and align the white dash mark on the OptiFit hosel with the desired loft setting on the cog. In this episode of the Fitting Room the team puts all three drivers head to head to head to head. The ballFlight ismid to high and the spin is lower than that of a driver. Loft is critical for reducing spin and preventing a slice. For 2021, Callaway have managed to angle the two bars and spread them out, which creates higher ball speeds across more of the face. This makes the ball easier to control on those tight or long fairways. In 2021 fast is going to get faster, long is going to get even longer, and straight is going to get a lot straighter. The Epic MAX is best suited for the mid or high-handicap player focused on forgiveness, but it can be used successfully by golfers of any skill level. fenton mo police scanner,

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